Mixing Up your Kettlebell Training

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After a long time of practicing kettlebell juggling, I wanted to switch it up. I wanted to revisit just the basic kettlebell snatch and see how far I could take it.

Primarily I was interested in doing a 10 minute snatch test with multiple hand switches and seeing what kind of numbers I could get. The kettlebell juggling had helped me out but its still took a little time to get back into the groove of many repetitions.

200 reps with the 53 lb. kettlebell is known as a good standard to hit. And I had hit it before but now I wanted to surpass it.

Right now my best resides at 207 reps. But I haven’t used that weight for the past three weeks. Why?

A little bit of an experiment. Last week I did the test with the 70 lb. kettlebell and scored 136 total reps. This left me sore for a few days. My main goal here was to get use to a bigger weight.

This morning I decided to use the lighter bell, only 35 lbs. Hit 250 without much trouble. My goal here was to improve speed, which I felt I was lacking earlier. And let me tell you this is a very quick pace. Can’t go much faster at all.

Next week I’ll return to the 53 lb. bell and see how it goes. I’ve no doubt that I’ll improve but we will see by just how much.

Sometimes its to your advantage to work with other weights, for higher or lower reps, especially if you’ve hit a plateau.

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Logan Christopher

P.S. And after a couple months of this, I’ll probably be back to the kettlebell juggling. You can get started at with The Definitive Guide to Kettlebell Juggling

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