Hair and Teeth Feats of Strength

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Got a few new feats of strength up on the site. These are one’s you don’t see very often. Mostly because they’re painful and seemingly dangerous.

First up is feats of strength involving the hair. This is one I’ve personally done in the past and plan to do more of in the future. But there is one man who is taking the hair feats to a new level. Go see the videos.

Another is feats of strength involving teeth and jaw strength. Most people don’t want to risk chipping a tooth but a few seem to have a mouth full of iron.

On top of those two new one’s I’ve added a video on barbell juggling. Nothing too special considering this was my first attempt, but now you can see a few moves in action.

Even if you don’t plan on ever trying these feats, you can enjoy watching them happen.

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Logan Christopher


  1. Can you reveal a course in hair/scalp training for oldtime strongman training? I’ve been looking all over the internet for such a thing and have yet to find it. Ive been progressively pulling my hair very lightly, and then slightly harder over time, very minimal volume since I think mine is fragile but I might just be damaging my hair lol…

    1. Author

      I haven’t seen that. And not really enough interest to make it worth doing. It’s progressive training like any other. I personally didn’t do anything special to prepare my hair for such feats, beyond progressively training with it.

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