MODULAR Training

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No two people reading this email, despite the thousands that get these emails, do the same workouts.

There are big variations and small variations. But think about that for a moment. No two people are doing the exact same thing.

So how am I supposed to teach you what YOU should do in this one-to-many communication?

What you should be doing depends on your current status. It depends on your goals and desires. It depends on your equipment, environment, and more. It depends on your health, and existing injuries.

In other words, it depends on a lot.

Related to this, an idea that popped into my mind the other day is the idea of “Modular Training.”

What do I mean by this?

Well, there are all kinds of qualities of movement worth improving.


And while we’re at it, let’s also add breathing to the list. Because breathing is movement.

There are so many ways to move, and ALL of these components are important if you want to be a healthy and high-performance human being.

But no matter how much I desired it to be over the years, there was no way to do it all, especially not at once.

Thus, one of my principles is that of “Rotation Over Time.” That is you change what you focus on from time to time. This can involve switching training tools, for instance going from bodyweight exercises to using a barbell in a power rack.

This can involve focus. As in focusing on mobility specifically and in-depth at certain points…and then not even doing it at all at others.

And lately, I’ve been thinking about plug-and-play modules.

You have your own training plan, whatever it happens to be.

More than likely, you can you bolt on some breathing exercises, ala Outside the Box Breathing, right on top of whatever you’re currently doing. 

As my focus is on making it time-efficient and effective, you don’t need to spend hours and hours per week.

At minimum, I recommend five minutes, three times a week. Pretty much everyone can fit that in.

And it’s not just about breathing exercises, but I’m thinking about most of my programs in this way nowadays.

The 80/20 Strength Challenge gives a basic template that hits on strength primarily, with lesser amounts of endurance and mobility involved. It can also help with aesthetics, when changes to nutrition are added in. That one is designed for just one hour of work per week. 

It easily fits into some other training such as a running program, powerlifting, martial arts. At least that’s what other customers have been doing along with it.

Coming up soon is my brand new 7 Minute Flexibility. This is all about a 7-minute sequence that focuses primarily on flexibility (though truthfully that is not all that is used).

Another bolt-on or modular training program. But more on that later…

Right now, Outside the Box Breathing is a simple and effective way to add breathwork into whatever you’re currently doing. 

If you practice this for two or three months, and never did it again because you rotate to focus on other things, that would still benefit you.

Or practice it now, and come back to it years later. Even more benefit.

There are tons of ways to move. There are tons of ways to breath. The more capability you have in a wide range of these things the better off you are. That’s a principle I live by…and I’d recommend it to you too.

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