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Big Red was an anchor weight. Instead of letting it sit unused my brother got a hold of it and we started using it to lift. We decided to paint it one day to cover the rust and give it a bit of personality (hence the name).

It’s roughly 160 lbs. Not the heaviest but it is an odd object.

As you can see there are handles on each side but they’re not really big enough for you to grasp with your hands to get a good grip. You more or less rest them on your palms and get a bit of the fingers in.

It’s a great tool for putting overhead. In the video I am doing a push press but I’ve also used it for Jerks and a normal press. It works well for a few other exercises like Zercher squats, rows and finger deadlifts. In addition to building strength you can see and hear it will work your conditioning.

It’s not likely that you’ll have the same odd object but that’s not important. Just find something big and heavy to lift. Its more fun than a barbell and will work you harder.

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  1. Great piece of metal Logan, almost looks like it was manufactured for guys like ourselves!
    WOuld love to get hold of one of those boys!

    Have you tried swinging it? Throwing it? Or maybe just carrying it for distance would be a superb conditioning exercise.

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