Muscle Control by Maxick

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Muscle Control by Maxick is one of the most classic books of the oldtime strongmen.

There are many other great books on the art of muscle control, but none are as popular as this one. It’s probably because the book is quite simple and the exercises are easy to follow.

Here is a short piece from that book where Maxick tells part of his story:

During the bedridden days of infancy I had often stretched and contracted my muscles, and it now occurred to me to do this again, but in a more strenuous way, with certain mechanical movements that would tire the muscles.

At first my exercises consisted of weird movements and contortions performed every morning and evening in the seclusion of my bedroom.

And it was then that I began to observe how by certain movements I could contract and relax certain muscles. Assuredly, the best know of all the muscles is the biceps, because it is to that that every boy’s attention is drawn, the size of it when contracted being held as a sure indication of a boy’s strength and prowess. But in trying to affect this muscle by other movements than by simply bending the arm, my attention was drawn to the way in which other muscles of the arm and forearm responded to these movements.

Now, if at the time I had had some little knowledge of anatomy, of how muscles are usually arranged in pairs which act antagonistically to each other, I should, undoubtedly, have had revealed to me the system of muscle-control which has brought me to my present almost perfect condition of health and strength.

But I knew nothing yet of muscle-relaxation, which, as I shall explain later, is as important to muscle-control as contraction.

But contrary to popular belief Muscle Control was not Maxick’s only book. In fact, there were several more giving you more information not just on muscle control but weight lifting and other exercises. These include:

Great Strength by Muscle Control – This book details how to apply muscle control strength to weights.
Health, Strength & Will Power – Written along with Maxick’s business partner Monte Saldo, this book dives into the Maxalding system.
How to Become a Great Athlete – This was written before Muscle Control and covers a wide variety of subjects.

Here is a short video of some abdominal muscle control I did a long time ago.

For even more on muscle control I put together a full course that includes some of these books, but shows you on video how to do the exercise. It’s the only course of it’s kind. There’s also a follow along muscle control workout on audio. Get the Master Muscle Control Course here.

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