Muscle Control Sneak Peek

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Muscle control is a popular topic among my readers. Probably because the oldtime strongmen engaged in it and it’s mostly been a lost art since then. It’s also a form of bodyweight training too.

I’ve covered this in some other great articles on the blog:

But here I showcase a sneak peek inside of the Master Muscle Control course. This is still the only video training course I’m aware of on the topic.

This first video discusses some of the benefits of practicing muscle control.

Next up, a useful analogy that lets you see why and how muscle control works.

People think it’s all about contracting the muscles. But actually that is NOT the most important part.

The position your joints and muscles are in can make a big difference in the ease and effectiveness in your muscle control. But that doesn’t mean you always go for the optimal position. Understand how this can be used as a means of progression.

Most muscle control is done just using your body. But that’s not the only way you can do it. A super light weight can help out as is shown here with resistance muscle control.

Half of the course is showing you the exercises in action. Here you see the scapula being control.

The course has almost two hours of video so this is just a small piece of that. Not to mention all the books from the greats and the audio follow-along workout too.

If you want more then find out all the details and pick up the course here.

Maxick's Muscle Control
Maxick showing muscular control of the scapula.

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