Muscle Explosion

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A couple month’s back I met the “Mad Scientist of Muscle”, Nick Nilsson.

He hooked me up with his course Muscle Explosion.


As I dove into it I have to say I was quite impressed.

As you know, recently I went on a mass gaining kick, and I pulled some of the great ideas from this ebook to use.

Although my plans were curtailed by injuring my shoulder (a sport injury, not from training) I plan to go after the same goal again sometime in the near future.

If putting on solid muscle is your goal you definitely need to check this out.

It’s a complete 4 week program that incorporates lots of different things.

Like the ‘Slingshot Effect’ which hormonally and physiologically super charges your body to be able to put on mass fast.

I’d done some similar things myself, but not nearly to the degree that Nick lays out here.

Then there’s the 5 Day Structural Attack. I’ll tell you about that one more specifically tomorrow.

Single Rep Cluster Training…

Weak Point Training…

And more…

The cool thing about this program is that its NOT about building bloated useless muscle.

This muscle comes with strength.

Nick himself added 60 lbs. to his deadlift with it. That’s an impressive gain.

Now you don’t have to do the whole course as its laid out. I can’t say that I have, yet, though I think I’m going to once my shoulder is 100% back, on my next mass gain kick.

Even if you don’t just a few ideas from inside are worth the price.

Like I said, in my next email, I give you a bit more detail on one of them.

But if you can’t wait, head on over to here and check it out yourself.


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