My Birthday Gift to You

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I celebrated an excellent 26th birthday yesterday. Meant to get this out then but was having to much fun. Anyway…

I got you something for my birthday.

Over the years I’ve become known as something of a ‘bodyweight training’ guy.

Its what got me started in serious physical training. And its something I continue to do to this day. In fact I just completed a workout that had some one arm pullup progressions in it.

There is so much to do with bodyweight training. Plus it can be lots of fun, build tons of strength and a muscular body.

Now about that birthday present…

On the following page is a video of my latest and greatest bodyweight stunts. I don’t mean this to show off but to inspire you. If I can do it than anyone can.

(I know some of you are beyond these skills so kudos to you, but I think you’ll still get something out of it.)

And if you sign up there you’ll immediately get the next video in which I talk about four foundational bodyweight exercises you can use to gain the strength to do all sorts of other skills.

And then I’ll have even more detailed videos coming shortly after that with more jam packed info on how to get better results with bodyweight training.


In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. Thanks ahead of time for all the birthday wishes. My email inbox just about exploded yesterday. I hope you enjoy my present to you.

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