My First Experience with Z-Health

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“Thoracic rotations?!?”

I thought I was doing it, but all I was really doing was moving my shoulders around.

Nope, my mid-back was stiff and immovable. Try with all my might I couldn’t seem to get the movement down.

I had heard of this kind of training before. They called it Z-health, but this was the first time I got to experience it live.

Steve Maxwell led us through a few of the exercises and I was sold. Mostly because I hate it when I can’t do something correctly. When I got back home from the workshop I began my study of the system.

That was almost two years ago. Now, I am no expert, not even close, but I can tell you the results this kind of training has given me.

No bad injuries since I begun regular practice.

More mobility in many areas of the body.

Increased performance in all lifts and exercise.

Confidence in knowing my body is healthier and runs better than before.

That seems like a lot, and its not all directly contributable to Z-health, but it has made a positive difference.

It looks odd, maybe even too simple. And at the high levels it even appears to be magic (that’s another story for later), but the main point is that it works.

Strength training may not have come a long way over the years, but the understanding of the human body’s inner workings has, and this is the cutting-edge.

Check it out here.

In strength,
Logan Christopher



  1. Logan,

    Thank you for the post. I’ve been interested in Z Health for some time but have yet to get around to really learning it. Glad to hear from you that it has potential.


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