Nine Ways to More Energy and Drive…

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Carlos asks:

“I’m 35 years old, and for a while have had very little energy and drive. I use tongkat ali and the Spartan formula. What can I do to get my drive and energy?”

Herbs are great. BUT if you’re only looking at those as the solution, you’re going to be forever limited.

Make no mistake, drive and energy are hugely important. In fact, they may be some of the most important things there are.

So here’s a partial list of what you can do to improve them…

Improve your sleep (quality and quantity)
Improve your diet
Remove chemicals from your diet and lifestyle
Engage in better breathing habits
Change your beliefs around energy (an underestimated leverage point)
Alter how and when your exercise and move
Select supplementation
Identify things that may be sapping you of energy and get rid of them
Alter your microbiome
And so on…

Any single one of these things can have an effect.

Many of these will actually operate as vicious or virtuous cycles along with your energy as covered in this video.

The question then is…

What is most important for you?!?

You don’t need to handle all of them. You can’t really…not at once anyway.

To properly answer this kind of question…well, I can’t. Not off a three-sentence question! That’s far from enough details to give anything but a shotgun approach type answer as I did above.

I just don’t know enough.

For some, it is changes in diet (not just what but also when and how) that will be most impactful.

For other people, it’s all about sleep.

Another group may simply be sabotaged by some sort of environmental trigger that they’re not aware of.

And many people will be served by some combination of the above but aimed at in a particular way.

In the end, the specifics really do matter.

That’s why I’m rolling out the Virtuous Vitality Coaching Program.

It is only be working one-on-one with people over an extended period of time that I can best help someone to get to the bottom of what is needed for more energy and drive. And that is just one question or area that can be covered.

Find out more and apply here.

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