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I was sent this video a little while back. It’s very impressive showcasing a man training for Ninja Warrior in his bedroom.

If you’re not familiar with Ninja Warrior, it’s a TV show with the most difficult obstacle courses on the planet. Very few people over the years have even completed them all. It’s well-worth checking out, for example on youtube, if you’re not familiar with it.

You can see the progression of starting with a few rock climbing holds and how it grew from there. In Ninja Warrior a majority of the events involve climbing or hanging by very tough hand positions.

Just this week I went and joined a rock climbing gym. I believe rock climbing and hand balancing go together really well as they work many opposing muscle groups.

The strength required in the fingertips, not to mention the pulling muscles, should also translate to my goal of doing the one arm chinnup. At least that’s what I’m going for and I’ll be sure to update you on my progress there.

Now I don’t recommend turning your room or home into a ninja warrior course like this man did (in fact, I don’t think many places could support that weight, unless it was done properly). But adding some of this kind of training into what you’re doing you may get some great benefits, so give it a try.

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  1. Yo Logan! Awesome & mad cool that you made a reference to the FINGERTIPS STrength requirements that you get from Climbing (doesn’t matter what kind of Climbing, ALL Climbing Period! But Rock Climbing is the TOUGHEST out there out of ALL the Climbing surfaces! That’s completely true!)…

    It’s also mad cool to hear that you joined a Rock Climbing Gym, I HAVEN’T done so… and probably won’t do so in the near future whatsoever, I’ve got a couple of reasons why NOT, one being because I Simply DO NOT have enuff money to pay for it each month right now… with that being said, I DO have Climbing Boulders & a Climbing Board in my own room, so I Hang & Climg the shit out of the Climbing Board & Climbing Boulders that I have inb my room, although it DOESN’T resemble or even mimics the environment of a Climber, neither does it have the height & danger element to it that Climbing in the Nature or in a Climbing Facility has… nontheless I STILL build the Ferocious FINGERTIPS STrength & POWER in my Fingertips because I DO hang & Climb on the little surface that I have in my room… I’m the MOST conserned with that right now anyway, with Developing that Ferocious Super Fingertips Strength! Just like YOU, simply because I LOVE Climbing but ALSO because I want to MASTER the 1-Arm Pullup/Chinup COMPLETELY & Kick its fucking ass!

    I’m very glad & psyched to hear that you took MY advice over here with the CLimbing & how it will translate in the BEST way possible to the MASTERING of the 1-Arm Pullup/Chinup in the longrun! I STILL Truly believe that & I know that it’s true & thus I’m climbing like a Obsessed Manaic as well these days! As a matter of FACT, I CLIMB every day for at least 2 hours, and most of the time even more then that! Which means, that Climbing is my MAIN focus nowadays! And I’m closing in faster & better each & every day when it comes down to the 1-Arm Pullup/Chinup! It’s funny & fucking WEIRD at the same time that I NEVER thought about this correlation & relation before… between ELITE Climbing (just Climbing ALOT… Period!) & the 1-Arm Pullup/Chinup! But I gotta say: It feels great to know the FASTEST & SUREST way now! knowwhatimsaying?!

    And to close this freaking long comment & cut it loose, I wanna end this by saying that I DO Agree about the Hand balancing/Gymnastics that goes along with Climbing! As a matter of FACT (again!), I believe & speak from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE over here, that Climbing, Gymnastics AND Arm-Wrestling go together like MAGIC! The Dynamic Trio! The BEST of 3 ENORMOUS Strength Builders Disciplines! I have found these 3 go hand-in-hand EFFORTLESSLY in my own Training! And I can do these each & every day without overtraining them… but again, this is in my OWN case as I speak, I CAN’T speak for everyone over here obviously!

    Have at it! I’m outta here!

    1. Author

      @Matti: I have to say I was thinking of doing climbing before we ever talked about it, but your comments definitely helped me to make that decision. Since you’ve been doing it awhile longer then I have, what have you noticed as far as carryover so far on your pullup strength?

  2. Hey Logan!

    Thanks for the video. Yeah, this guy is doing some freakiness, but it’s always inspiring to see people get really into things like this.

    I never tried rock climbing in a gym but I have done some free solo climbing here and there, nothing monumentally dangerous, just some fun stuff. Since I don’t climb often, I can definitely feel the difference after trained a lot of grip and pull-ups. When I start climbing trees and rocks again, the difference is astounding.

    I was wondering, what kind of one arm pull-up are you attempting exactly. Do you have a video of it somewhere? I’ve seen the one are pull-up come in so many different forms, so I was wondering which one you thought was the most legitimate and best to train with.

    Thansk for the post!

    1. Author

      @Stone Paul: The goal with the one arm pullup is just the one arm hanging on and the other completely off. Plus doing it in dead-hang style until then chin clears the bar. There’s lots of ways to train for it using progressions, holds, negatives and other stuff. I’m hoping this rock climbing will be of aid too.

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