NLP 8 – Somatic Movements

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In the early days of NLP it was largely cognitive. But that’s not true today. While that is all still there, there is much else that has been explored in how the body carries information and even the field does too.

NLPYesterday we worked on something called Somatic Syntax. That is specifically how emotions and states can be held in movement, gestures and postures. This was put together in a drill called the S.C.O.R.E. Dance where we moved through positions and accessed resources through the movements. This was done largely without words.

The results were fascinating. I gained clarity on a problem I’ve been having. After the drill of course I went to write down my thoughts. But it was the expression of the movements that opened my eyes. It wasn’t thinking through the problem, that part came into use later.

Another piece that I found interesting was what someone said. I know the figures aren’t exactly right but the concept is what is important. A baby is capable of 3000 movements. A boy at the age of 10 tends to only make 300 movements. And a 60 year old only makes 30.

Working in physical training, especially, outside the normal “fitness” area a large idea I’ve been thinking about and working on is collecting and adding movements.

When the map of your body, inside your mind, is more complete, it allows more freedom. You may be able to then have a feeling, and change it or amplify it merely by moving or with your mind, because you have such a great connection.


  1. mate, I’m not sure how I can use this info. Was this just a diary entry? Can you elaborate on the SCORE dance??

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