NLP for Fitness Part 10

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I think I may have uncovered a huge key for training success.

It’s fairly easy to make progress in training. Even if it’s not always the most linear progress, you should be making some form on improvement at all times. But is this as far as it can go?

NLPWhat if you could train linearly, and not just in the beginning? Or what if we take it even further?

In the last class I asked myself the question:

“What would it take to make several steps of progress in a single workout?”

This set my mind racing in how it could be done.

The answers I’ve found so far have to do with submodalities, time lines, and a recoding that happens.

But I have to say my results so far have been impressive, to say the least. This is only off of two workouts and a few moves so far. There’s still much to experiment with before I tell you any more.

When you ask yourself the right questions you may stumble upon the greatest answers that were never before sought.

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