NLP for Fitness Part 2

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Today was mostly about communication. In this case it was with other people, but communication happens just as much by yourself. Think about your own awareness of states, mental pictures, feelings, etc.

NLPAnyway, the main model of how to get results in NLP (and this would apply to any other technique as well) is this simple formula.

Present State + Resources = Desired State

They also talk about obstacles which could be added. In reality, the obstacles would be taken care of with the right resources but I drew this model in my notes as I think it may help more people look at both what they may need to add but also figure out what is stopping them.

Present State + Resources – Obstacles = Desired State

Oh this goes back to the main thing I’ve mentioned many times about mental training. There are two goals, to optimize what you’re seeking to do and also to remove those block in you ways. How could you use this starting right now?

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