Odd Object Lifting

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Been re-reading the strength training classic Dinosaur Training.

If you don’t have the book, get your hands on it. Plus Brooks Kubik, has a new website.

One of the things I’ve added into my training is the lifting of a heavy odd object. I’ve got a unique tool named Big Red. I’ll get a video of lifting it sometime soon.

It’s a great way to finish the workout. An all out set against the iron to leave you winded and muscles aching.

Odd objects build strength that something like a barbell can replicate. Barrels, kegs, sandbags, and the like will take all your effort to stabilize the shifting and moving weight.

There are other objects that don’t move on you, but still aren’t easily managed. A large rock or log for instance. Something without an easy to grip surface or handles.

You could classify kettlebells or clubbells the same way. Certainly for a person who has never lifted them they are awkward. But once you put in thousands of reps they cease to be.

In addition odd objects tend to work the grip in a big way. You have to hang on and tighten up just to prevent the object from falling out of your hands.

However you train, you’d be wise to add some sort of odd object training in. They’re a bunch of tools that will build strength that can’t be gotten elsewhere. Good for training and great for feats of strength too.

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