Old-Time Strongman Seminar Part 4

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Just a few pictures left from the Oldetime Strongmen University.

Have you ever tried to drive a nail through a board using your hand as the hammer? Dennis shows us how. I hadn’t really done this one before hand but if you want to learn how Dennis has got the DVD on it, How to Drive a Nail without a Hammer.

Nail Driving

How about a little bending. Pat destroys JUST a Red Nail. Piece of cake.

Bending Red Nail

My friend Tyler with a little scrolling action.

Scrolling behind Neck

And myself levering a sword down to my nose. Usually I use sledgehammers for this feat but the 27 lb. sword had to be attempted. A little more awkward but since all the weight is not only on the tip its much easier than a 27 lb. sledgehammer would be.

Levering Sword

That’s my conclusion of showing you a bit of what happened. What’s important is what comes next though. Applying the lessons and feats learned to the present and future.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

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