Old-Time Strongmen Seminar Part 3

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Here’s a few other people from the seminar performing various feats of strength.

First up, we have Aaron McKenzie doing one of the feats he’s best at. Tearing a deck of cards in two. It pretty amazing that he’s now one of the best, probably second only to Dennis, when not all that long ago he got started tearing just 9 cards.

Mighty Mac Card Tear

Big John McGrath of Ireland. After a valiant struggle against this monster bar. Unfortunately I don’t remember the exact size at this time but no doubt is was a big and tough bend. If you’re ever in Ireland stop by Waterford Martial Arts.

John Big Iron Bend

And then there was Greg Matonick. An old-timer (and of course I mean that in the best possible light) who shared many, many great stories with us youngins. Here he is doing one of his specialties. Using his strong jaw as a vice to bend a horseshoe. He also mangles quarters the same way, believe it or not.

Horseshoe Bent in Teeth

Of all the feats this is one I don’t recommend you try at home. Your dentist would not be happy.

As you can see the field of what’s possible and doable is far and wide. What can you become one of the best at?

In strength,
Logan Christopher

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