One Arm Half Planche Picture

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Here’s another picture of Rafael Guerrero doing a one arm half planche or lever at Club Aponte.

one arm half planche at Club Aponte

There’s a few things I’d like to point out about this picture.

First off, on the move itself. I’ll be having more on the one arm half planche soon, even a full article as its a move I’ve been working on recently. You’ll notice his arm is moving, most likely this was an action shot, as he moved his arm to the fully extended position.

As you can see from the crowd this was a performance. Something to take into consideration if you ever perform. You need to be in a position that everyone can see you. If you don’t have a stage with theater seating you can simply raise yourself up on a table.

You’ll also notice the hand balancing stands Rafael is using. I guess these were common among professionals as they look very similar to the hand balancing stands I first received and have now made available. I just received a new shipment in from my manufacturer so they’re ready to ship out immediately. The hand balancing stands add a new dimension to what’s possible.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
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  1. Look at how thin people in the audience are. Things have changed a lot since then. Far too many of the public are obese and seriously unhealthy.

    Cut out the junk and get fit. It will save your LIFE!

    1. I was watching a short video of a street scene from the early 1950s and I kept pausing it and checking over the people. There wasn’t a fat person in sight! There was two grandma-aged women I saw who were thicker about the middle but still not at all fat.

      Funny too that ALL the women were wearing dresses or skirts and many had hats on. The men basically all wore hats. Times were very different.

      What’s sad is many of those slim people, later as they aged, got lazier and starting eating more crap ready-prepared foods and got fat. My mom is one example. They really had no idea what would happen. From years of hard physical work, they wanted it easier when they could and paid dearly for it. It’s why I refuse to take it easy and I eat real food I make myself.

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