One Arm Handstand Lean

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In my working towards a one arm handstand I’ve figured out that the amount you must lean over your hand is quite significant. Even more than you may think is necessary. Without this lean you won’t be able to get into a balance.

Getting help in a one hand handstand from Mark Reifkind

So if you’ve been working towards this skill like I have, try leaning even more to the side, to the point where it feels like you’ll fall over that way. Right at that point is where you’ll be capable of balancing.

If you look at a bunch of one handed handstand pictures you’ll be able to notice the balance point of where people are at. You can then tell if they’d be able to hold the position of are about to full right out of it.

Just a short tip for today.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher


  1. I did one armers for over twenty years and held them for over half a minute at one time. I would say the biggest thing is to really extent fully in the shoulders. Also, do them on a block, not on the flat floor. With a block you can use the fingers and shift balance much more than on the ground. A pedestal that moves makes the trick even easier. Without the full extension you will have a rough time with this trick. You do not need a big lean to the side. Also, a deep arch is not necessary, but you can hold it that way. Moving the free hand sideways will destory the balance. You need to lift if up and maybe tough the hand you do the trick on and then sneak if up and out.

    This trick took me a year about an hour a day on just one armers. It fell together all at once and in a week I could move the feet and arms. Eventually I pressed into a one arm without the other hand. Everyone is different and you may get it sooner. I had no teacher so that made it tough. Eventually I held one armers like a regular handstand. I had the trick you might say.

    So, I would say expect it to take a lot of work. I know good balancers who never got the trick. It does take that extra effort. I spent a lot of time upside down and did a lot of handstand presses against the wall. Holding the handstand in all types of grips etc. all helps to make you a better balancer. The great extension in the shoulder is one of the real keys.

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