One Arm Planche

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The one arm planche could very well be the most difficult hand balancing movement out there. In this video you get to watch acrobat Chris Jones press up into a one arm handstand, lower to a one arm planche (yes it’s not perfect but it’s really good), and finally land in a one arm elbow lever.

The one arm planche was first done by Professor Paulinetti. He was the inventor of many hand balancing stunts. Even among the best hand balancers today, this is a rare movement to find.

How do you work up to this amazing skill? Even before you begin I would recommend having a really solid one arm handstand and planche. If you can’t do those then you would have no business trying the one hand planche. From there, like in this video working on pressing up on one straight arm into the one hand handstand is very valuable and the next step. Lastly start doing the negative and gradually work on improving your position.

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