One Hand Sledgehammer Swing

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Most people heard of or even have done sledgehammer swings against the tire, but not many are familiar with the one handed version. Why do it one handed, you ask?

When you’re trying to reach a goal the best solution is to specifically work towards that goal. Be that as it may, the body doesn’t always want you to do that. In order to help you reach a certain goal and keep your body in balance, sometimes it’s useful to introduce a workout which works the body in the opposite direction.

The kettlebell snatch, for example, is an explosive upward movement, whereas with one hand sledgehammer swings you’re doing much of the opposite. The force is coming down instead of up like with the kettlebell swing.

I’m using a specially made sledgehammer from Ryan Pitts at in the video, but you are free to use the regular one. Still, you’ll most likely need to decrease the weight of  the sledgehammer and start with 8-12 pounds one, as you’ll be using only one hand for this workout. Safety first, so make sure no one is around you and watch your balance and coordination. Don’t miss this exercise if you’re working on your kettlebell snatch.


  1. Logan –

    Thanks again for expanding how we think about things – thanks for pointing out the value of these two opposite moves.


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