One Hand Stand with Blocks

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This is a cool and fun video showing one hand stand skills with blocks. Go ahead and watch it below.

You’ll notice a very straight line in Yuval Ayalon, and the shifting of the legs and weight from hand to hand as each block is removed or stacked up.

In the notes on this video he talks about how this is a great drill to add playfullness and randomness to the often tedious work on working on the one arm handstand.

Obviously the complete set of down three blocks then back up three will take a very high level of skill.

Want some more ideas on how to randomness into your hand balancing practice? I suggest you check out the books by Professor Orlick for tons of drills, variations and different hand balancing moves.


  1. The skill of unweighting the hand that moves the block is the same in renegade rows. The active hand takes all the weight and the unweighted hand does the work.

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