Partner Kettlebell Juggling

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Been working a bunch on kettlebell juggling lately. I almost forgot how much fun it is!

Here is a clip of some partner kettlebell juggling with me and my friend, Tyler.

You must know how to do the basic moves before you can start doing this especially as you move beyond just the front flips. You can start to do most, if not all, of the moves you can do yourself, just now passing it to the other person. This opens up to doors to the possibilities even further then just juggling kettlebells by yourself.

To learn the basics pick up The Definitive Guide to Kettlebell Juggling.


  1. AWESOME stuff Logan! This reminds me of the time that we did Partner Kettlebell Juggling at the Super Human Training Workshop #2! LOVE it! This is my kinda fun! It’s too damn shitty & bad that there’s literally NOBODY I can do this with over here in Holland…as I don’t know anyone that is at my level & expertise of Kettlebell JUggling… unfortunately… I miss this kinda Training & Major Fun… big time!

    Remind me the next time we meet again that we need to do this as well! I’ll even visit you one day in the future in Santa Cruz. So that we can go outisde & do this shit as well! I need to up my game & level as well with partner kettlebell juggling, as the flips & catches you & Tyler did here, are WAY more advanced & cool looking than the ones we did at the Workshop!

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