High Repetition Deadlifts

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Some people say you should never do them. I personally love them. I’m talking about high repetition deadlifts.

In the video below you’ll see me lift 225 lbs. for 30 reps in a single set.

High Repetition Deadlifts

Now are high rep deadlifts the only thing I do? No, far from it. My main goal is to deadlift more for a max single. Specifically my goal is 605 now after hitting 505 before.

But instead of just sticking to singles, doubles, triples or sets of five (does anyone do sets of 4?) I like to mix it up. And my lifts keep going up. It’s just one thing I’ve started doing not just with deadlifts but EVERY exercise since starting out in biofeedback training.

These can be done in any style of deadlifting. I typically do them with conventional style as seen here and with jefferson deadlifts.

Anyone else have experience good or bad with high repetition deadlifts?


  1. Hi – I’ve used high repetition deadlifts as an alternative to a 20 rep squat routine (though not quite as quick a cadence as you’re using). What do you think about pairing high repetition deadlifts with say breathing pullovers? Would it work as well as say pairing these with squats?

    1. @Gaspode: While I think it would work, I don’t think it would have quite the same effect as doing it with squats. Something about supporting the entire weight on your frame, is different from holding it in your hands.

  2. Hey Logan, I have used high rep partial deadlifts for years after I broke my L-5 vertabrae. No surgery needed until I can’t stand the pain. The funny thing is they told me I couldn’t do deads or squats anymore. Really, I just had to learn what did or didn’t aggrevate my back. So in doing high rep partials in deads and in squats I feel great.

    My rep range is usually in the 20’s. Off and on I will train up to 50 reps 3-5 sets. My weights are 135 to 315. I usually don’t go heavier but I can. On the job I have dragged around steel beams that were 26 feet long and around 600 pounds. I also have to carry logs that are 300-500 pounds.

  3. Hey Logan- This isn’t to criticize you at all. I was just curious about something. You said you use biofeedback training. I thought that once your rep speed slows, or your breathing pattern changes that you should end the set. It looks like in the video that you went past that point. The reason I am asking is because I just started training using biofeedback and am trying to learn as much as I can.

    1. @john: Great question. Yes normally you do want to stop at the slow of speed in the system. But I chose to go past that point a little bit for this set.

      @dan: That’s some awesome work. I’ll have to work up to even higher numbers like 50 too.

    1. @Joe: Slightly off the shin. If it was on the shin I think I would have shaved off several layers of skin by the end of that set.

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