Podcast: Breathing Methods with Jon Haas

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This week’s podcast features Jon Haas and a discussion on breathing methods and how different exercises can be used to achieve different aims and goals inside and outside the gym.

  • Instantly recover your breath faster with this breathing method
  • Gain strength and the ability to keep going with this breathing method
  • Do you only do diaphragmatic breathing? You may be short changing yourself by missing these two other components
  • How to calm down when you’re anxious
  • Ideas on modelling the masters of any art for greater success
  • Much more than just “Deep Breathing”
  • Why breathing is an integral part of the form of any exercise
  • And much more

When I first got started in training I paid lots of attention to breathing. In the last couple years I’ve paid less attention, but seeing Jon’s program and listening to this call I know there is even more room for improvement for myself.

For more details check out Jon’s complete breathing program, Evolve Your Breathing.

Evolve Your Breathing


Click here to access the complete transcript.


  1. Great newsletter as always.

    Article on breathing in latest issue of Runners World.

    Also Systema, the Russian Martial Art, teaches much about breathing.

    I love all your materials. Thank you.

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