Podcast: Going Deep Into Bodyweight Training

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For this episode I discuss going deep into bodyweight training. This comes right off the heels of my Ninja Bodyweight Workshop and the Animal Flow Certification I attended with Mike Fitch. It also includes an interview with Mike Fitch. On this podcast you’ll find:

  • The common ways people get into bodyweight training
  • Why you may want to start going deeper
  • Several of the highest level arts of bodyweight training
  • How strength and skill play into each other
  • The crossover effect of the different arts
  • And more

This podcast discusses my recent training and some of my goals.


Thanks for listening. As always your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome below.

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  1. Awesome Podcast man! Good stuff! I also wanted to say thanks a LOT for mentioning me (once again!) in this Podcast! You’re right man and I completely agree with you on the Elite Climbing Part and how it carries over to ALL the other GRIP Intensive exercises and Feats of Strength! As I’ve found that to be true myself! I actually Tore my FIRST ever 2 FULL Decks of Plastic Coated Poker Cards! A Total of 112 Plastic Coated Cards! Just saying man… I haven’t focused on Tearing Decks of Cards at all whatsoever…

    I have focused Intensively and Ferociously on Climbing! Especially the single digits hangs for longer periods of time, as well as 4 fingers hangs, to increase the density, toughness, tendons, ligaments & tissues in my FingerTIPS! Specifically and Especially in my Fingertips! This lead me ALSO to being able to already go to at least 40-50% on the 1-Arm Chinup! And that is WITHOUT the Erking-Jerking motion! Which is NOTHING but a cheat & basically a 1-Arm Kip-Up! And I Don’t like Kip-Ups whatsoever you know… NEVER have and NEVER will! Especially NOT since Kip means Chicken in Dutch! But anyway man… What I was saying is that I’ve been able to Shred 2 Full Decks of Plastic Coated Cards in 2 minutes!

    Yeah man, I admit, it DID took me some time to do it, but I wasn’t actually expecting to do it TODAY, Especially NOT that FAST, since the last time I wanted to tear 2 Full Decks of Cards in half, I ONLY started a small tear in it, I actually could NOT do it whatsoever, and tore a shitload of skin on the thumbpads of BOTH my hands in the process while screaming, cursing & getting pissed the fuck off at the 2 full Decks of Cards stacked together on eachother!

    But once again, I DID succeed in it today, to my BIG & Fun Suprise! I guess & am of an STRONG opinion that my Fingertips just have become so MUCH Stronger then they were before and I ALSO feel so much MORE Control and efficiency in them, that I must say that I’m completely flabbergasted and suprised how I went on Training all this time (2 years and 2 monhts) like this WITHOUT even knowing that my Fingertips Strength was so weak! At least WEAK compared to NOW! Right now I also know that this is ONLY the beginning of an Enormous amounts of Super Ferocious FingerTIPS Strength and also the Ultimate #1 Way to Master the 1-Arm Pullup/Chinup and do it EASILY! As a matter of FACT, I’m planning on making the 1-Arm Pullup/Chinup my BITCH! Just as 2 Arms Regular Pullups/Chinups are my Bitch right now!

    The Truth and FACT of the matter (at least in my case that is), is that Making the FingerTIPS so much more efficient, effective, strong and basically AWAKEN them, will skyrocket ALL the Pulling Muscles in the upperbody like no tommorow! I can honestly say that Without the Climbing that I do right now (2-3 hours each day, and I plan on doubling that when my body is ready for it and is adapted to 2-3 hours each day first!), I would’ve NEVER been able to already do a 1-Arm Pullup/Chinup halfway! And that is Halfway without ANY assistence with the other Arm… Just 1-Arm, although this is ONLY with my Strongest Arm right now, which in this case is my Right Arm! But to my suprise I could Also get some good airtime with my left Arm on the regular 1.5 Inch Pullup/Chinup Bar! Which came as a Pleasant suprise I must say! Damn good stuff sir!

    I’m telling ya Logan, Just wait my friend! Just wait untill you’re doing this Climbing business like a PRO/ELITE Climber does and put in the HOURS each day of Hard & Intensive Climbing, Just like I do right now! And You’ll suprise yourself as well BIG TIME, with the Ferocious Fingertips Strength, Effectiveness, Efficiency and Control that you’ll get!

    And to tell you the complete truth, I honestly see NO Barriers, ends or limits to where I can go with this FINGERTIPS Strength developement and also how FAR I can push it (or Pull it, as is in this case!)… This is so damn exciting IMO, that I Will Traing Climbing NOW Non-stop for the rest of my Training and Physical Culture Journey and Life… Period! Hands down!

    Once again, an excellent podcast amigo! Keep it up!

  2. And hell yeah man, I DIDN’T expect to succeed and being able to Tear 2 Full Decks of Cards in half like I did today for the first time ever! So that’s WHY I haven;’t filmed it… yet, but I will either this week or next week! I shredded, ripped open and cut my hands open from a shitload of volume Horseshoe Bending, Nails, Spikes and Bolts Snapping/Breaking, Card Tearing and Twisted Spiral Scrolling! I did ALL of this either barehanded or with dish towels as wraps around the steel! So suffice to say that my Hands are fucking KAPUT right now! But once that’s healed and fixed the fuck up, I’ll be on the 310+ Snatches with the 24KG Kettlebell in 10 Minutes and the 2 FUll Decks of Card Tearing! I’ll film BOTH of these Insane Feats of Strength Obviously! You got my word on that!

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