Podcast: Kettlebell Juggling

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Here is the second ever Legendary Strength podcast.

For this episode I decided to talk about what could me the most fun training of all time…

Kettlebell Juggling

I discuss:

  • How I got started with kettlebells and juggling.
  • Why kettlebell juggling is so great.
  • The value of Chaos Training
  • How easy it is to pick up new skills
  • The many different Styles of Kettlebell Juggling
  • What size weight should you use?
  • What’s coming in the future with the new Definitive Guide?

I hope you enjoy it.

Please leave your questions and comments below. I’m also open to suggestions for future shows.


  1. Mad cool Logan! AWESOME to hear that you’re using my name “Kettlebell Maneuvering” instead of the previously name “Traveling Kettlebell Juggling”… we BOTH know that Kettlebell Maneuvering sounds bad ass to the bone & has something cool to it! Besides it describes what you’re basically doing with a Kettlebell perfectly & precisely! In my humble opinion at least!

    I’m honoured that you’re using the name I suggested! I’ve been thinking about other names as well, but like the BOTH of us agree over here, the BEST names for specific excersises or skills always come out of nowhere & they just pop up in your head at the right time at the right moment! Which was the case with my Kettlebell Maneuvering name!

    Plus it looks like nothing else but Maneuvering! Once again, good stuff!

  2. Cool podcast, I really liked the juggling.

    I need to learn more about chaos training.

    1. I’m glad everyone seems to be enjoying the podcasts so far. I have lots more in plans for the future.

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