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Podcast: Ryan Magin on Testosterone

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If you want to become strong, healthy and even successful in just about any measure you need to have your hormones running at least at a decent level if not optimal. I got on the line with Ryan Magin who has been on a quest to find natural means to increase testosterone to those optimal levels.

Ryan Magin

Warning: Explicit!

  • Lifestyle tips to boost your testosterone
  • A mostly unknown supplement that works very well to boost testosterone
  • Allowing your “balls to breathe”
  • How important different vitamins and minerals are to your hormones
  • How your training can optimize or destroy your hormone levels
  • Why you may want to spend more time becoming erotically aroused…
  • And much more

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  1. Thanks for this important interview guys. I was wondering what you guys think about calorie/nutrient cycling? By this I mean the strategy where a trainee drastically changes their calorie intake every two weeks from around 1500cals above maintenance during the bulking phase, then reduces to between 10-8cals per pound of bodyweight during the cutting phase. Elliot Hulse uses such an approach in one of his programs and claims that during the bulking phase testosterone goes through the roof initially and begins to taper off around the 14 day mark. I checked the scientific study behind these claims and they seem to be sound.

    I’m also glad that you guys covered DAA as a testosterone boosting supplement. After experimenting with calorie cycling I plan to add DAA to one of the two week cycles. I already use MACA and was wondering which two week cycle each of these supplements would work best in? It’s my understanding that both MACA and DAA work by increasing free testosterone in the blood rather than actually increasing the overall testosterone amount, explaining the often cited effects of MACA to improve hormonal profiles without the negative effects of test boosters, and as everybody knows it the free testosterone that matters most.

    My ultimate plan is to create two stacks that I cycle ever two weeks along with my calorie cycles. In this I hope to avoid any ill effects from being on one supplement for too long including building up a tolerance. Right now the two stacks I have in mind will be MACA and Creatine during the bulking phase, DAA and Fenugreek during the cutting phase. The Fenugreek was recommended as a test booster by Eric Guttmann in a recent blog series he did on hormone optimization, a very good series by the way. He also recommended the MACA and DAA.

    Thanks again for the interview and keep up the good work!

    1. Author

      It sounds like a solid plan to me. The only way to find out for sure is to try it out for yourself and note the results you get. The cycling will certainly chagne your hormones from usual. I’m doing something like that for the moment and will have an article about it later.

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