PR Report 1-10-14

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I’ve been working on my flexibility for the most part this week. I shot this video which shows me doing an isometric stretching variation in both the front splits and the side. You can see me get lower with each tense and release.

I can tell I’ve already improved my flexibility this week stretching on most days. It hasn’t been everyday due to the soreness in the stretched areas.

Other than that I’ve only done two other things.

One, is the one arm chin-up work. Doing reps with the assistance arm on the bicep is getting easier. The second rep in each set here isn’t the best, but its close. Since not to long ago I couldn’t manage one rep like this it’s definitely getting better.

The other is working on the snatch. I’ve got two main goals (100 48kg snatches in 10 minutes and 200 32kg snatches in 10 minutes)that will help with each other so I’m working with three weights (32, 40, 48kg). This is the same principle I talk about in Kettlebell Snatch Domination. Even though I’m working with a heavier weight not then I did back than its pretty much the same.

As for how I’m training them, I’m mixing up a few things.

Here’s a ten minute set that I kept fairly easy. Just 140 reps with the 32kg.

This is my best in 10 minutes so far. I easily passed the 125 reps I did last week.

And here is a set with a single hand switch with the 40kg. 20 reps each side. I’m doing this one in the same style I have been working with the beast on, that is to drop the kettlebell to the shoulder with each rep.

What I’ve found is that since the grip is typically the thing that gives out first, and if not give out then slows you down, that doing snatches in this style can jack up your conditioning even more.


  1. Hi Logan,

    I have been studying different types of flexibility for three year now and I was wondering if you considered these points:

    1.) Don’t hold your breath while doing the isometric stretching. This will make your body lockup taking away from the relaxation and the ability to hold the contractions even longer.

    2.) Contracting only enough to reset the Golgi tendon organ to reduce muscle soreness.

    3.) If you feel sore after a stretching routine you may be stretching too hard, this will trigger the stretch reflex making you less flexible over time.

    Also, do you know about Bob Cooley’s RESISTANCE STRETCHING technique?

    1. Author

      1) Depends on the type of tensing from my research. Like other isometrics if its short enough were holding breath isn’t a problem then it isn’t here. The key is in relaxing completely afterwards.
      2) And how much would you say that is? The purpose isn’t just that but to build strength in the extended ranges of motion as well.
      3) Makes sense. I figure some soreness is normal the first couple sessions because of its novelty. I’m not really getting sore from it now.

      I ordered his book but it hasn’t arrived yet. I’m looking forward to it.

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