Recovery goes down with Age…

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I’ve been hearing this a lot lately…

“I just don’t recover like I used to.”

“It takes me twice as long to recover from workouts as when I was in my 20’s”

…and all kinds of similar sentiments.

People sometimes say to me, “Just wait til you’re older…you’ll see”

I get it. You can’t just bounce back like you do when you’re a young buck, a spring chicken.

Recovery does go down with age.

BUT…and this is a big but…there is a whole lot you can do about it.

You see, it’s not a simple causation. Meaning greater age = less recovery. At worst, it is just one factor of many. And I would argue that it’s not age itself, but a bunch of factors that are related to age.

That’s because ALL your biological systems need to work together for the body to recovery. Your musculoskeletal system. Your circulation. Your lymph. Your digestion and elimination. Your endocrine system. Your nervous system.

Thus, there are many ways you can amp up your recovery, by looking at these different systems.

If you’re 80 now, I won’t promise it can be as good as when you were 20, but it certainly can be better than it is now. That is true. Always.

That’s what I put into the Ultimate Recovery Formula.

It covers all the basics of what I’ve found work to aid in recovery. System to system across the body. (Not to mention recognizing how different ways of training effect recovery.)

Plus, it also goes far beyond the basics with an energetic hypnosis that really seems to work.

Here’s what one happy customer had to say about it:

“I’ve watched all of the videos and listened to the recovery hypnosis mp3 a couple of times after fairly taxing bodyweight training sessions. Both times I’ve bounced right back and trained the next day without any difficulty. Yesterday I had a heavy weight session with my personal trainer- these usually take me at least two days to recover from before I’m ready to train hard again. Today I’m full of energy and trained as if I’d had a rest day yesterday. I think the hypnotic suggestions actually change the whole mindset to recovery even if you don’t listen to it. I find myself saying a lot of the things to myself on my way back home from the gym which I think starts my recovery right then. This is just great and I think it’s the best thing (along with the Wizards of Strength DVDs) you’ve released that I’ve read (I’ve read quite a lot!). I’m looking forward to and expecting better progress with my training going forward as a result of this program. Thanks for putting this together. I don’t know exactly how it works but it just does! I can bounce right back from tough workouts and am progressing quicker with my training because of it. I’m training 6 days a week, twice most days now.”
– Kevin Green

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