Saxon Bent Press

Saxon’s Strength

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Can you even comprehend it? 370 lbs. overhead with one hand!.

It boggles the mind.

Just pick that weight up off the ground (if you can!) and feel how heavy that is.

Saxon Bent Press

Just try to shoulder the weight into place. Much harder than you might think.

Since diving into the Saxon material I’ve been doing a whole bunch of new exercises. I honestly feel like I was missing out on something big in my training, and these forgotten exercises provide just what I needed.

Perhaps you need them too?

Plus I’m having a blast doing them. Today I was doing 120 lb. dumbbell clean and jerks followed by press lockouts. What fun!

You see the one of the main principles I gathered from studying the Iron Master was that overhead lifting is one of the big keys to overall strength. That’s why at least two thirds of his recommend exercises involved just that.

There’s two more major principles I gathered as well just as important at that one, which brings me to something I hadn‘t done in years.

Yesterday I was working on the bent press. Set a new record for myself of 115 lbs. which I did pretty easily.

Taking it slow as I improve my technique (Though I’m not a stickler for “correct” technique, the difference here is this is a highly technical lift). By the end of the year I plan to hit at least 135 lbs.

Arthur claims that this is the best lift, and he says his success in it did not sway this opinion.

The Saxon Trio

If you‘re looking for something new and different for your workouts…

If you want to handle barbells and dumbbells in ways that will stop most others cold…

If you want to broaden your shoulders and beef up your back and arms…

If you just plain want to become FREAKISHLY STRONG…

Then check this out.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. The Arthur Saxon Power Pack is one of my new favorite courses.


  1. Looks like a really good exercise to do just in its own right, but wondered – what sports or activities would it have best application for?

    1. @Gaspode: I wouldn’t rank it as a great sport specific exercise. But Saxon does talk about weightlifting in general and what sports it helps in his books.

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