Seiza Stretch Progressions and Regressions

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The seiza stretch focuses primarily on the quadriceps while also working the ankle flexibility too.

Seiza literally means “proper sitting” in Japanese. It’s a common sitting position there, as well as other places in the world.

And unfortunately, most people in the West cannot do it! I was one of them, until I worked on it regularly with the progression shown here…

The way to regress this stretch is to have less of an angle between your lower legs and thighs. You do this by placing a cushion under your butt and over your heels.

In time you lower the amount of padding until you can sit comfortably on your heels.

Progress takes us out of the classic position. You can lean back to increase the stretch, or even transition into a kneeling back bend. These increase the stretch on the quadriceps, but also bring the hips into action too.

This is one of just 12 stretches each with regressions and progressions found inside of 7 Minute Flexibility

It’s doubtful that the stretches themselves are ground-breaking information to you. But the sequence and how it is trained just might be.

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  1. Nice stretch Logan. Reminds me of an Native American dance routine I did in 1970. Haven’t been able to do it since then but you inspire me to try!!!!!!

  2. Is there a veteran’s discount on the 7 minute flexibility program. I am 68, s/p right hip replacement and I am trying to loosen up again. Your program looks very interesting. I need it. Please let me know. Owen

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