Shipping Error Means You Save

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Normally I have a facility I’ve hired to ship out the books that can be ordered on my website. Unfortunately a new shipment of books got sent to my home address instead.

These are the Brand New copies of Professor Orlick’s three books.

Professor Orlick's Books

I’ve got 30 of the first one and 20 each of the others.

So instead of paying to ship them to the correct place I’ve decided to have a sale and pass those savings onto you.

Each of these books you can get for $5 off. Or $20 off the whole set!

This deal only lasts until all these books are gone.

It also means they’ll be shipped out tomorrow when you order today because I need to clear my table space. And that means you can start learning simple progressions to master hand balance skills ASAP.

Select one or more below…

Hand Balancing Made Easy

Walking and Jumping on Your Hands

How to do the One Hand Handstand

Warning: If you’ve bought the Hand Balancing Mastery Course before you already have these. Do not buy them again.

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