How Sig Klein Saved My Ass!

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If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that my primary goal is the beast snatch test (100 reps with the 106lb/48kg kettlebell in 10 minutes).

While I initially thought, this would be a pleasant side goal that I could knock out with a little work, it has turned out to be anything but.

It has become all-consuming and the most difficult training goal I’ve ever gone after.  For some time, as I’ve struggled against this, I’ve “known” that I should add some mass in order to more easily do it. I’ve mentioned doing this several times.

But what I didn’t tell you about was the mental block that stopped me from doing it for so long.

You see, the last time I gained mass I was doing it as a crazy experiment. Using hypnosis as a driving tool, I added over 25 pounds in less than a month.  Of course, this wasn’t all muscle, but a good portion of it was.

To gain this fast is not fun. And the training is not the hard part. No. The difficulty is in the forced feeding. Quite simply, it is sickening to eat this much food.

And that’s what built up my mental block. Past experience.

When I thought about adding weight, I was anchored to the painful idea of eating this much.  This wasn’t a conscious thought. But it was a hidden program running in the background of my mind which drove my feelings and actions.

And that’s when the oldtime strongman Sig Klein saved my ass.

Using the “Invisible Councilors” Technique that I detail step-by-step in April’s Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle Newsletter, Sig helped me through this mental block.

Don’t gain weight that fast. Gain slower and you don’t need to engage in forced feeding. Just a little bit more food is sufficient.

Looking back, it’s stupidly simple.  Yet, Sig’s advice was an epiphany to me at the time.

And if you’ve seen some of my recent videos and PR’s, you know that it’s working quite well.

That was just what I got from Klein. On my council were five other men, with similarly helpful advice.  While Sig’s advice may have been the most impactful, all of it taken together has actually been kind of spooky in how well it has worked out.  Of course, this method works for far more than just snatching heavy kettlebells. You can use it for any training goal.

You can use it for anything beyond training too.

Based on the results so far, you can bet I’m making it a regular practice!

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