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This past weekend I spent time learning about the energy systems in the body. One of those systems is the radiant circuits which happen to be some of the most powerful energies we possess.

Our teacher showed us this video, bringing over the box of tissues onto our table. In my mind, especially as the only guy in the class, I’m thinking BAHHH this won’t effect me.

I was wrong…

Yes, watching this video and feeling it deep inside, whether it brings a tear to your eye or goosebumps all across your body, this will effect every cell in your being.

I’m happy to say it was just as powerful the second time around. Now I haven’t seen this movie, Across the Universe, but I will be watching it soon.

Good eating habits and exercise are key to health. But if you aren’t turned on like this than you are missing something else.

Live your life in AWE

Life your life with LAUGHTER

Live your life with PASSION

Live your life in LOVE

Life your life with GRATITUDE

Life your life with APPRECIATION

We may feel these all at certain points in our lives.

Yet if you truly feel all of these each day, and actually live with them, then I will go out on a limb here and say you will never suffer disease. Your life will become charmed and everything will come easier to you.


  1. A next week marks the 3rd anniversary of my Dad’s death. He was buried with Military Honors that day.
    “Taps” will always be in my memory.

  2. very moving….had goosebumps all over just like when i heard The Star spangled banner sung at basic training in ’02…it was like hearing it truly for the first time and so much more than that…hard to explain. it was a FEELING.

  3. Ok Logan, my first thought was “why do I want to watch something and cry?” In the middle of her singing it just hit me with eyes teared up and yes goosebumps. Some of us bottle up our emotions a bit (guilty), but feeling the full range is part of the human experience and should be appreciated so thank you for that wake up today!

  4. Since unrelated sentimentality was shared with me through email…

    Living one’s life in denial of one’s mortality and with sentimentality is a waste of living. Life should have a purpose, a fruitful End.

    We train for the purpose of physical ability (at least, I do), but the tools we use and the means, and the end itself, are for a purpose, not for their own sake.

    1. Author

      J.F. I’m curious how you perceived denial of mortality or lack of purpose from this post? Trust me I’m all about purpose in what I do. And do you really think showing emotions is a waste of life?

      1. The emotional reaction to that video was what was seen significant unless I am mistaken. I do not share what you felt. I am not a fan of the Beatles and their songs (the inspiration for this film), and I find their songs to be uninspiring and pointless.

        Having and occasionally expressing emotions is not a waste of life. That is part of our human nature, however, they are not an end to pursue. If we are led by them, we will be living as slaves to an irrational movement of the flesh.

        These “energy systems” are the products of a way of thinking to which I do not subscribe. Energy Medicine is pseudo-science…where are these “energies” besides in the imagination?

        Perhaps seeing this post the way I do would be a good mental exercise. I see what you see in it (although, I do not feel it), but to me, I subscribed so I could get the information you share (which is quite worth receiving…thank you), but this is completely different and contrary to our shared goals (in the physical ability aspect).

        I have a strong religious formation and am mindful of theology and philosophy, and various ways of thinking.

        1. Author

          Thanks for answering J.F.

          You’ve already made up your mind so this isn’t for you, but anyone else looking for details on these “energies” would be wise to take a look at this article by David Feinstein PhD. Its got 98 references showing tons of the latest research regarding energy medicine. I found it fascinating!

          I do get where you’re coming from. Years ago I was there too. So was the author of that article. A lot of smart people with their rational sides don’t like this stuff. But if you actually look at the research and keep an open mind, not being trapped in this is BS mode, you’d be very surprised at what you find.

          But no worries. I felt this was worth sharing, and as an experiment, but I’ll be sticking to the strength stuff for the most part with the occasional post off in “woo-woo” land.

          1. I will review that article for my own benefit. Higher understanding is always a good thing, even of things one does not accept.

            I am religious, and I hold prayer to be most efficacious, however, it is not empirically valid for science

            Thanks for the responses and additional information.

            I am sorry if I was overly annoyed…I had the email on my phone, but waited until I got home from work to see the post, and I was somewhat psyched to see an impressive feat of power and strength.

          2. Author

            “I am religious, and I hold prayer to be most efficacious, however, it is not empirically valid for science”

            Depends on which studies you’re looking at.

          3. >Depends on which studies youโ€™re looking at.

            I am aware of prayer, in itself, having benefits, but I was referring more to the purpose of the prayer itself.

            Prayer is not a scientifically valid way to get stronger for instance. However, I am certain that God would give strength for one who rightfully prayed for it.

          4. Author

            Yes, there are certainly better ways to get stronger then just praying for it ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Thanks Logan, I found the words of your email welcome and genuine.
    I remember when this movie came out I was not ready to here it.
    My response then was ” F— love, F— peace and F— those hippy Beatles!”
    Funny how things changed when I opened to love, especially in my training. It was a profound but subtle process. My coach TJ put a crack in the grim demeanor I had while training, she showed me the transformative effect that love and respect for life can have on the physical body. In time I got to learn from you too. Your introduction to energetic training has been wonderful (and as challenging as anything made of iron), to learn now that I’m ready to hear about that stuff.
    We all have to open to it in our own time.
    I enjoyed this video and then found the movie online. Seemingly random events keep coming into my life just when I need them most and I am grateful for them all, big and small.
    Thanks for the insights that go beyond sets x reps.

    1. Author

      I’m happy to provide more than simple exercises and sets and reps to those willing to listen. Just imagine how strong you’ll be when you overcome your current challenges and all that you’ll learn (and have already) from the processes. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. That’s right, I just unplugged completely for a week and devoted that time to MSIFT ( multi-sensory imagination fun time) It is a powerful practice that can only continue to benefit me and my mental training.

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