Steve McGranahan

Steve McGranahan

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Have you joined us over at Super Human Training?

Wrapped up a great call with The World’s Strongest Redneck, Steve McGranahan, last night.

Steve McGranahanYou can imagine my surprise when I heard about Steve running an ultra-marathon and chewing up lightbulbs. On top of that we covered some great training information:

    • Getting in the Zone, Going Unconscious and more on Mindset for High Performance
    • The Reverse Cow Milking Technique for steel bending power
    • How to Build Vice-Like Hands and why this is a must for just about any feat of strength
    • Build Super Strength by Maintaining Weights
    • Big Volume in Two A Day Workouts
    • The Biggest Secret in Keeping your body fresh and ready to gofor the next workout
    • Training Tips on the Last Two Fingers and How this will put your Hand Strength Through the Roof
    • And much more

You may have missed the call but there is still some time to listen into the replay.

And if you aren’t signed up for the remaining nine calls, what are you waiting for? Make sure to sign up here.

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