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Strength and health are tied together. At least that’s the way it should be.

That’s the reason that probably the greatest physical culture magazine was called by that name.

strength and health magazineYet today more than ever people seem to divorce the two.

There should be little if any difference in training for strength and training for your health. Performance training should not cost a toll on your body.

An old friend of mine is a bodybuilder. One day he was talking about how he would pay the price for his training in his later years. Wrecked shoulders and the like. I grimaced. That’s not the way is should be. Its certainly not the way it has to be.

At the same time there are those that go balls to the walls in their workouts. They train hard in order to become healthy and fit. But then they go and chow down at a fast food place.

It’s amazing how many people do this. They have one side of the coin but completely lack the other.

Then there are those health nuts. The vegan guy who doesn’t know as much about nutrition as he thinks he does. Avoids meat but eats ’fake meats’ that have who knows what in them. The guy who weighs 100 lbs. and couldn’t lift a barbell in the squat. (You should realize I’m using stereotypes in order to make my point.)

Jack LaLanne said, “Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you’ve got a kingdom!”

Live by that saying and you may live long and healthy as Jack has.

I show you the best methods and training tools I can on this site. I work to bring you the best.

Now I’ll be doing the same with health with a new section on the site. The Health section will feature articles, recommendations and more. The cutting edge and best information out there.

Trust me, when you see some of this information you will be blown away.

My primary reason in getting to this field is performance related. Yes, I want radiant health. But I also want my body to perform at its best at all times. To never get sick and break down. To heal old chronic injuries. To be able to marshal all its forces towards my goals in training and life.

These things are possible. I make no claims to be perfect. But I do strive for perfection. Won’t you join me?

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. And on this note I have an important message for you tomorrow.


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