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If you want to be strong there is no one better to learn from than Grandmaster Strongman Dennis Rogers.

Unfortunately, your opportunity to learn from him is going away. He’s decided to pull all of his training DVD’s off of the market for good. The good news is that you still have a couple days to pick them up. Go here and get them at the discounted price.

To show you the power of this man whom I’m happy to call one of my mentors I’ve selected a number of great videos showcasing his strength to display below. Enjoy!

This video features Dennis bending a pry bar (you know a bar that isn’t meant to be bent despite the leverage). If you want to learn this than check out the Odd Object Bending and Breaking set. Also is WWE Superstar and fellow strongman Mark Henry lifting the ridiculous Fish dumbbell.

This video shows Dennis Rogers doing one of his classic feats of driving a nail without a hammer. Here he does it through two thick pieces of wood at once.

Here is Dennis lifting a refrigerator with a single finger.

And here’s another classic feat where Dennis resists the pull of two Harley’s from going by his arm strength.

Freeing himself from shackle restraints.

Yes you can become this strong if you make the decision to and do the training for it. Both Dennis and myself were not naturally strong but it came from training. If you want to learn these feats and others go here now while they’re still available.


  1. Great stuff;can’t wait for the DVDs! Inspiring too;I like the fact that D.Rogers(while clearly strong as @!%^&&),is not a huge guy.

  2. Bs. Dennis had super strength early on.
    He was unique ripping decks of cards in half in high school !!!! Comon

  3. Just wanted to talk about training with you. Do you do any online video training? Let me know.

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