Super Herbs and Foods to Become Superhuman

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This “Aha!” hit me like a ton of bricks the other week. I’ve spent most of my adult life diving deeper into health and nutrition, learning from many of the top people in the field in my search for peak performance.

Just recently I decided to run an experiment on myself. For 30 days I would become a raw vegan.

My standard diet before was pretty good by most standards. I eat a decent amount of raw food already, trying to eat a salad each day, and typically blending up at least one smoothie a day. But I wasn’t already a vegan or even a vegetarian, not by a long shot. I love eggs and meat. Although I typically get the healthy stuff, like grass-fed meats, it would be quite a change. I mean I still eat out and not always at organic restaurants.

What happened over the 30 days surprised me…Click here to read the rest of this article at Live In The Now.

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