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My older brother called me up awhile back.

He had this wild idea about starting to sell some of the amazing herbs he and I’d been taking.

I said yeah, sure, I’ll help out…

(You have to test people out, even family, as most people are all talk. I’ve seen too many great business ideas never move past the “talk” stage to get excited about them at this point.)

Well my brother wasn’t just talking. He got everything in order and not only has it become a reality but I’m very happy to share it with you.

Super Man Herbs

Super Man Herbs logo

I’ve been studying Chinese Herbalism for a couple years now, as well as all the super food and nutrition information I can find.

In fact, in another week I’m off to the Longevity Conference once again to learn from some of the top people in the world.

There’s only a few items, yet very POWERFUL herbs, that we’re carrying so far.

Do you want an herb that is known as SUPERIOR to ginseng as a qi or energy tonic? One that may impart on you some of the strength of the strongest pound-for-pound creature on earth?

Do you want a Phyto-Androgen that can help balance, support and regulate the all important male sex hormones?

Try them out.

You’ll be glad you did.

You can get a 15% off coupon just by signing up at the page.

In the near future there will be even more available as we’re just getting started.

Most people have never heard of these herbs yet they’re one of my SECRET weapons in not only performing in the gym but excelling in life.

Yes, herbs can be that good!

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. Also be sure to check out the Superman Herbs Facebook page.

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