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Max Sick

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Max Sick was a strongman and gymnast from Austria born in 1882, most famous for developing the Maxalding system with Monte Saldo. But he did much more than that. Early Life Born to Swiss parents, Maxick developed rickets and dropsy along with lung problems at a very young age. This …

Ronald Walker

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Ronald Walker was a lifter born in 1909 in England with an incredible all around capacity. Ronald never really cared much for showing off with awkward feats of strength, but instead focused on forty two strength tests set by British Weightlifting Association. At his prime from 1931 to 1937, Ron …

Harry Paschall

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Harry Paschall was one of the most popular weight lifting writers born in 1898. Not only he was an amazing lifter, but also a talented writer and an artist. Harry illustrated all his books, articles and training courses with Bosco cartoon, his own alter ego. He was inspired by Arthur …