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Stoneland – Stone Lifting Documentary

If you’re interested in strength, this is well worth watching. Nothing is more ancient in the strength world then lifting stones. For all of time it happened anywhere were stones were, which is most places. Stoneland is a short documentary movie put together by the people at Rogue Fitness. Known for putting together quality strength […]

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The Grocery Stocker Workout

Got this interested questions in from Timothy last week and felt I’d share it with you. Hello Logan, I just recently purchased your ebook Mental Muscle. It’s very good, I haven’t finished it yet. My question for you is what type of exercises should I do to prepare to be a grocery stocker? I work […]

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Strongman Competition WIN!

I’m very pleased to announce I took 1st place in the Men’s Light Weight division at the Santa Cruz Strength Strongman Challenge 2 this past Saturday. It was a hard-fought battle and I’ll be sharing every detail and video I have with you here in this article. Preparation for the Contest One day when I […]

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Lessons in Strongman Training

I had the opportunity to attend a strongman training workshop, at Santa Cruz Strength, the previous weekend and wanted to share with you some of the training tips I learned while doing it. It was put on by Clay Edgin who has been involved in the strongman sport for about 10 years. He’s also quite […]

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Louis Cyr – The Strongest Man That Ever Lived

The Strongest Man That Ever Lived was written about Louis Cyr by the well-known strength author, George F. Jowett. Here is my review of this book. First off it’s obvious from the title that Jowett believed Cyr was genuinely the strongest of the strong and in fact could claim the title of the strongest man […]

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