The X Balance

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X Hand Balance

I love this picture. Just how the legs and arms line up to become a perfect X.

With the arms spread wide balancing becomes much more difficult. You won’t have the simple back and forth balancing like in a regular handstand as your hands are pointed towards the sides.

The quality is not the best but if you look closely you’ll notice Rafael’s hands are on little blocks. These may aid a little in balancing.

Just try an arms wide handstand with the hands out to the sides and you’ll find just how hard it can be to stay up.

Its these kind of balances that you rarely, if ever, see these days.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher

P.S. For similar poses check out photos 44 and 95 in the Inspirational Photo Section of The True Art and Science of Handbalancing


  1. this balance(wide arm handstand) was one of the required moves for men in the olypics a few years ago i think it was the athens 2004

  2. how would you work up to this?, removing the obvious, im guessing to a handstand with hands outwards then progress to the bottom of the X position, then im guessing you would work on the leg X part. as i said these are just guesses, i would like to know your advice on getting to this awsome skill.

    1. The legs are the easy part. To work on the hands I would move them out a little at a time and work on balancing in that position. They’re fairly wide in the picture, although you see Olympic gymnasts going even further. Also it looks like his hands are on blocks which should make it a little easier.

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