Tips and Tricks for the Barbell Getup [video]

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Most people start doing getups with kettlebells. I know I did.

And kettlebells are great for this move. Because of the offset weight, it actually makes the move a bit easier.

Great in the beginning.

But what if you want to progress further?

At some point heavier kettlebells just get unwieldy. That advantageous offset weight becomes an encumbrance.

And that is where the barbell comes in.

Furthermore, doing a getup with a barbell JUST LOOKS COOL!

If you’ve done kettlebell getups before but never a barbell, I recommend you give it a try.

In this new video, I showcase some of my most important tips in doing a barbell getup.

Note that with a different tool, there are some key differences that you must note.

These include where you do the getup, how you do it, how form changes and more.

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