Training Experiments

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Here’s one good thing about having an established workout routine besides consistency.

When you’ve been doing things the same way for a period of time it allows you to take one variable and change it up. By looking at your results now as compared to before you can find if your new experiment is helping or hindering your progress.

I mentioned in my last email how I’m reducing the number of work sets on certain exercises. As long as I keep the exercises and everything else consistent I can see if I make the same progress or more or less.

It’s hardly a scientific experiment with control groups in a double blind study but its better than nothing.

You can use this method to test new exercises or variations. You can test different rep or set schemes. You can test eating or not eating before a workout. Just about anything can be tried.

In order to do this you need to have a well-established routine. From there decide on one thing to change. Keep at your routine with the new change for a few weeks and then look at the results. If it’s a good change continue on, if its not go back to how you were doing it.

And then you can begin a new experiment.

Have you done this before? And if so what have you found out? Comment below

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Logan Christopher

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