Tumbling Workbook and Dive Rolls

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Tumbling Illustrated is the main book I’ve been talking about. But on top of that when you order the Tumbling Course next week you’ll get the Tumbling Workbook.

I explain it fairly well in the video. But to recap, in the workbook you have all 248 moves from Tumbling Illustrated listed by name and picture. What’s missing is the text for each move telling you how its done. But once you’re use to the moves you won’t need anything more than the name and picture to go off of.

It’s a different format then Tumbling Illustrated too. The purpose of the workbook is to keep track of your progress. How its done is explained a bit more in the workbook itself.

With 248 moves you’re sure to not remember them all. Although when you have the workbook with you when you’re training, all you have to do is flip the pages to find out new moves to try.

One way of training is to go down a series of moves like I do in the video. I show you many of the moves in the Diving chapter.

Dive rolls are a progression of normal rolls, but somewhere short of mid-air flips. You can continually add height and distance to your dives and they’ll teach you one way of rolling safely on the ground.

I practice these in the sand, because like I said, there is less impact. But you can do them just as well anywhere. With enough practice you could even do them on rough surfaces like concrete, but for training purposes I’d stay away from that.

Put these into practice and more details to follow before the official launch next week.

Good Luck and Good Tumbling,
Logan Christopher



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