Warrior Warmup – Handstands

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Want to learn handstands? That’s just one part of many in this comprehensive, all around athleticism building, warmup program. Check it out…

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Here’s three reasons you should check out the Warrior Warmup:

1) You Will Boost Your Workout Performance – By using the routines contained in The Warrior Warm Up before your workouts, you will boost your workout results and get injured less by neurologically prepping your body for movement and increasing your safe range of motion capacity.

2) It Constantly Changes, Never Gets Boring – The Warrior Warm Up isn’t like traditional, boring warm up routines. It’s designed so that when you get better the exercises get harder this way you never get bored and always have a new move to look forward to learning.

3) You Can Build Strength And Flexibility At The Same Time – Tyler says, “I’ve been working on flexibility and strength training for a long time, because long ago I realized that you could do Yoga a lot and you can improve your flexibility and your mobility but then you go and try to do a strength activity and you get injured really fast. And, vice versa. If someone who does strength activities goes and tries to do something that requires flexibility, they tend to get injured fast as well. Not too many people understand the dynamic relationship between getting someone stronger and more flexible at the same time and that’s exactly what The Warrior Warm Up is all about.

Check out the Limited Time $7 Offer here.

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