What Supplements Do I Take?

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In today’s video I’ll talk about something people ask really frequently, and that’s what supplements do I take? Most of the supplements I am about to show you is something most people take regularly and for a good reason – most people are chronically deficient in these nutrients.

I try my best to include these nutrients in my diet on a regular basis, but they are so important that I just don’t want to risk being deficient in these nutrients and taking supplements gives me a much better base, so even if I don’t manage to get them through my diet, the supplements will take care of it.

Top three supplements that I take are fish oil (molecularly distilled), Vitamin D3 and magnesium oil. I strongly recommend you to watch the video to get a detailed info on each of these supplements.

On top of all that, what I like to take beside those top three supplements are herbs. For example, Phoenix Formula¬†from SuperManHerbs.com contains a mix of Brown Shilajit, Ant Extract, Pine Pollen and He Shou Wu, which is a very powerful & potent combination. The thing with herbs is that your body doesn’t really require them to survive, but it really gives you a whole another level of health and it’s something that is very important for achieving peak performance – in combination with top three supplements I mentioned above and, of course, your diet!

All the supplements that I take are available via the links below:

Fish oil and Vitamin D3
Magnesium Oil
SuperMan Herbs Phoenix Formula

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