What Trampoline should I use?

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With the release of the Trampoline Handbook I’ve received a few questions on what type and size of trampoline I recommend.

To do the tricks in the book you’ll need to be able fully layout on the trampoline. For this reason I recommend a trampoline that is at least 10 feet wide. And the bigger the better. Just gives you more room to do the tricks safely.

As to shape the standard round trampoline works fine, but the square or rectangular versions are great too.

As far as brands or where you get them a simple search on google for ‘trampolines’ will find you many places selling them. Or most likely you can buy them locally in your area.

And once you have it set up the real fun begins. See the Trampoline Handbook to find out how you can get started in tons of beginner and intermediate trampolining tricks.

Good Luck and Good Trampolining,
Logan Christopher

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