Why you need to join us for the Super Human Workshop – Part 3

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Have you read parts 1 and 2?

Back when I started to get serious about training (after moving out the commercial gyms) I got into bodyweight training and kettlebells.

A short time later I stumbled on Twisted Conditioning by Bud Jeffries.

Here was a man that claim you could build insane strength and conditioning at the same time. And it wasn’t just empty claims he was doing it. A 1000 lb. squat in one workout and 1000 bodyweight squats in another. More often then not it was mixed workouts that would involve lifting some heavy weights between long sets of endurance exercises.

Wow! I want that ability…

I bought the book (and more) and started training that way. I haven’t looked back since.

Yes you can have super strength and super endurance at the same time. In fact, by doing it right they actually aid in building each other.

It’s a far cry from the “I can’t run on the treadmill as I will lose my hard-earned muscle” idea common to bodybuilders and others.

It’s actually quite simple to do once you understand that basics of it.

Since then I’ve had the pleasure to start working with Bud. And he’s still a big influence on my training. If I have a question or problem in my workout, he is one of the first people I talk to for ideas on what to do.

His ideas are continually innovative. I tried one of his dumbbells conditioning workouts. Just two 25 lb. dumbbells and in less that 10 minutes I got my butt kicked.

Much has changed since Bud wrote Twisted Conditioning 1 and 2. It’s time for an update of the material.

That’s what he’ll be showing at the Super Human Training Workshop in the Monster Strength and Conditioning segment.

It’s his latest ideas and training on how to put it all together. All the ideas on why you should do what Bud does, of course tailored to the results you want to get.

You can bet I’ll be taking plenty of notes during this presentation right along with all the attendees.

And it won’t just be talk. You’ll get to watch and participate in workouts in action there.

Its going to be a blast.

To get more details and sign up go here.

It’s a really cheap price with a bunch of extra goodies thrown on top to sweeten the pot. Be sure to sign up before March 31st for the early registration price.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

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